Tools and Support for our Trusted Agents.
We've made it the easiest plan to sell to your clients. Here's why.
Show Them The Whole Picture. Create a custom proposal with a couple of clicks.

We've created a custom Broker calculator to let you show your clients which product configuration is perfect for them. You can quickly and easily show them the range of costs based on different usage scenarios.

Then, with a few more clicks you can print out a custom proposal for your client, complete with your contact information and all the plan details in one great looking document.

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New To Us? Add CorporateHCSA to your toolkit.

If you are a new Agent / Broker / Consultant wishing to sell any of National HealthClaim's products, including the CorporateHCSA, please fill out, sign, and mail / fax the broker agreement form.

Download the Broker Agreement Form

Compliant Operations Our HealthCare Spending Account is rock solid.

An International accounting firm has completed a review of the Operational Guidelines of National HealthClaim and our HealthCare Spending Account products. The purpose of this review was to ensure compliance with the Income tax act and related CRA publications.

To receive access to a copy of this document, please email us and we would be happy to share it with you. Please include your name, phone number and the name of your company.

Request the Operations Opinion Letter