CorporateHCSA in action.
Here's how CorporateHCSA can be used as part of your company benefits program.
Adding flexibility to a traditional group insurance plan

The CorporateHCSA - HealthCare Spending Account can be used as a stand-alone plan or it can be used in conjunction with a traditional insured program of group benefits. When setting up the plan, each employee classification is assigned an annual reimbursement limit. Different classifications of employees (i.e. Executives, part-time staff, etc.) may have different reimbursement limits. Employees will be reimbursed for all eligible claims until they reach their assigned limit, at which point no further reimbursement will be provided. If there are unused balances in the employees accounts at year end they will be forfeited, or there is an option available to carry these amounts forward for one calendar year.

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The CorporateHCSA - HealthCare Spending Account will enable reimbursement of health and dental expenses (or portions of unpaid claims) not covered by a traditional group benefits program. For example, your group plan may reimburse your dental expenses at 60% up to an annual total of $1,000. With the CorporateHCSA in place, any dental expenses above the $1,000 annual limit, as well as the remaining 40% not reimbursed, could be claimed through the HCSA. You can now effectively cover up to 100% of your family's medical and dental expenses.

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If your company has a traditional benefits program already in place, you can use the CorporateHCSA - HealthCare Spending Account to cover items not included in your insured program, such as orthodontics, laser-eye surgery, or prescription sunglasses. Any items that qualify as medical expenses in the Income Tax Act will qualify for reimbursement under this Plan. The CorporateHCSA can even be used to cover items that are only partially covered by an insured program (because of co-insurance amounts or deductibles) to receive full reimbursement of these expenses. Employees can even coordinate their HCSA with coverage provided under a spouse's benefit plan.

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